Air Freight Forwarding

For maximum efficiency in supply chain management, Vital Express offers Air Freight Forwarding services to help companies coordinate large shipments with carriers. Through traditional shipping, such coordination can cost companies and staff time, money and unnecessary headaches. With Vital Express, we take care of the hard part for you and pairing your deliveries with carriers for superior cost-efficiency.


We work with a number of air cargo carriers for cross country shipments. To further enhance efficiency and supply chain management, we also offer high level customer service and tracking systems, allowing you to know the exact status of your shipment and estimate the arrival time, eliminating surprises and unexpected delays.


Air Freight Forwarding Services Include:


  • Aircraft Charter & Jet Services
  • Air Cargo Services
  • Domestic Air Freight Services
  • Superior Customer Support & Tracking


Vital Express is well-versed in Air Freight Forwarding, helping companies of all industries coordinate shipments large or small across states, countries and oceans. For an added level of service, Vital Express can handle ground transportation once the shipment arrives at its destination with one of our many trucking services.