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Air Cargo

Expedited Transportation provides Air Cargo service that rises above and beyond to offer expedient, dependable, safe air transportation across all industries.

With our massive network of airplanes, ranging from Metro II to the Boeing 747, we can transport goods of all sizes, shapes, weights and types.

From the most time sensitive shipments of food or pharmaceuticals to the biggest and bulkiest piece of machinery, we deliver on our promises. Fast turn-around, same day deliveries and next day deliveries are our specialty. And, with our fleet of massive cargo planes, we can deliver short haul or long haul, heavy-weight shipments or fragile, smaller shipments with ease.
Ground Transportation

Fastest possible delivery

We will not be outdone by a competitor. Our massive network of highly-capable air cargo planes enable us to deliver your shipment as fast as possible.

Exclusive courier

Total convenience

We’ll provide airport-to-airport or even door-to-door service, so you can stay focused on your business, rather than your shipment.


Delivery and pick up from remote destinations

Our network enables us to deliver to and pick up from remote destinations that many other shipping companies may struggle to reach. We work with the infrastructure provided at your pick-up and drop off points.

Final destination-1-1

Start-to-finish tracking

We provide a single point of contact throughout the shipment. They’ll know exactly where your shipment is, so you can too. When you call, your single point of contact can provide you with up-to-date information and can answer all your questions at the same time.


Aircraft optimization

Expedited Transportation chooses the right aircraft to meet your needs. Your fragile, bulky or oversized shipments are all in the right hands and will fly on board the right craft.

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24/7/365 customer support

Our shipments never stop, so neither does our customer service. There are no holidays or times of day when you will not be able to reach us about your shipment.

We Can Help

Where We Go

Any company can deliver to a standard airport. Unfortunately, not every shipment needs delivery to a standard runway. For those deliveries that must go to a remote air strip, or perhaps to an area with little infrastructure, we have small, agile planes.

We also work with the best pilots and an experienced, professional logistics team to ensure the fastest possible delivery. We send deliveries to disaster areas, off-the-grid locations, air strips with short runways and locations with no runways at all.

About Air Cargo Service

Our air cargo service is distinguished by our unparalleled access to a variety of different planes, from light-weight short-haul turboprop planes to Boeing 737 and Boeing 747. Our entire network, from the pilots to the customer service representatives are fully trained and highly experienced. We only work with the best, so that when your shipment takes off, you’ll have peace of mind that it will reach its destination.


Air Cargo Overnight Services

When you need your long-distance shipment to be delivered quickly, you need overnight service. We know that shipments sent with this kind of urgency can be stressful. It’s stressful to wonder where your shipment is, if it will reach its destination on time, and whether it’s being properly handled. That’s why we’ve created a single-point of contact system for our customers. Our logistics team will track your shipment from start to end, and throughout the journey, you’ll have access to a representative who can answer your questions, no matter what they are.


Air Cargo, Same Day Air Services and Next Flight Out (NFO) Services

Sometimes overnight isn’t fast enough. Same day air carrier and next flight out services are for those times when your shipment is as urgent as they come. It’s times like this when our professional logistics team with years of experience in the industry can be life-saving. We provide airport to airport transportation for next flight out, or we’ll have a courier pick up and drop off your shipment. That’s one of the things we mean when we say “concierge-like customer service.”


Air Cargo Critical Freight Services

Critical freight services are available when your freight is fragile, time-sensitive and essential for your operations. Our critical freight services are designed for shipments like humanitarian relief, pharmaceuticals and more. We’ve shipped for almost every kind of emergency and urgent situation that businesses like yours have experienced. Our business infrastructure and top-notch organization can handle whatever you can throw our way.

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Talk to an Expedited Transportation Rep about how we can help you find the perfect solution for your business

Single Point of Contact Customer Service

Single point of contact customer service is exactly how it sounds: you’ll work with a single representative throughout your shipment. Where other shipping businesses might require you to contact a call center for updates about your shipment, you’ll be able to reach your single point of contact throughout the process.


Placing an Order

Your experience with your single point of contact will begin with your first call to place an order. Your representative will listen to your needs, make an assessment based on information you provide and give you an accurate quote. We won’t leave you hanging with questions about fees and turn-around times. Our customer service specialist will give you accurate and definite information to help you decide whether you’d like to proceed with the order.


Up to Date Information

Your contact will have up to date information about your shipment throughout the trip, and will know the details of your shipment. No longer will you find yourself explaining your story again and again to different people each time. When you call, the person you speak with will have the information necessary to answer your questions and provide the exact location of your shipment.


Contact Us Today

For more information about air cargo, same day deliveries and next day deliveries, contact us today at (866) 957-2111 or simply go online to and click Get a Quote. No prior account needed! We look forward to working with you as your complete logistics partner!

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Very Happy with the Service Provided

Process to set up shipment and delivery was easy, and they communicated the status of the shipment throughout the time the it was in transit. I would highly recommend.



Verified Review
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Best Service Ever—Saved the Day

Todd Anderson is the person that helped me, and he was amazing!! We had a line down at our plant and needed a pump ASAP. Todd and your company saved the day and had the pump from Los Angeles to Houston, TX, at our gate even earlier than expected. My plant manager was a very happy guy thanks to you!!!



Verified Review
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A Lifesaver

Last-minute call picked up three crates of material in Montana and had it to our job site in Portland, Oregon, in less than 48 hours!! Gave me updates every step of the way!


Apex Mechanical

Verified Review
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Highly Recommend Their Services!

Amazingly fast service for pickup and delivery across the country on a weekend. Late schedule call on a Friday night, and delivered as requested Monday morning. Communication was exceptional, and all parties were courteous throughout the process. Highly recommend.

D Wallis


Verified Review

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Why Choose

Why Choose

You have a single point of contact and work with the same expeditor every time. There are no long wait times and no customer service call centers. Capacity

We offer exclusive use vehicles which gives you full access to the vehicle and no other freight on the truck.


How solved a PGA tour shipping emergency

We were able to successfully locate the shipment, confirm it was the correct item, pinpoint its exact whereabouts, and reschedule the delivery.

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Case Study

How helped the Brooklyn Nets overcome an obstacle

We helped the Brooklyn Nets overcome an unexpected challenge during the 2020 NBA Bubble Season.

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