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Who We Are

For when standard ground service just won't do. For when you need fast, expedited delivery. For when you have questions and need more than just answers, but customer support.

That's where Expedited Freight Company comes in, with our premium freight services both by air and by road and the industry-leading infrastructure to get it done.

We're proud to be revolutionizing the world of transportation and logistics to get your time critical deliveries from Point A to Point B safely, securely and on time every time. Because when you need goods and items to arrive at their destination much faster than typical delivery services, not just any provider will do. You need a process that's fast-tracked, and you need a company that you can trust.

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Who We Are

Expedited Freight Company

Freight is moved in the United States, Canada and Mexico each year through different mediums, and freight transportation is an important sector that keeps North America economies wheels turning. But when standard bulk shipping just won't do, do you know who to turn to? Do you know who has available capacity and the infrastructure capable of making expedited deliveries?

Learn more about the Expedited Freight Group's family of companies below and click on each of them for a more in-depth description.

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Why Work with Expedited Group?

A single point of contact

From booking to delivery, you’ll work with the same expediter throughout the entire logistics chain. No annoying call centers or time-wasting miscommunication.

Real-time tracking, 24/7/365

Our advanced tracking technology lets you know where your shipment is at all times.

Multiple options

We analyze both ground and air traffic patterns, plan for inclement weather, and prepare for possible flight delays—ensuring nothing stands in the way of meeting your deadline.


There's a good chance that your most important freight isn't just being shipped around the corner. In fact, it's estimated that more than 60 million metric tons of air freight is moved each year. Air express deliveries are important in the sense that they're able to provide expedited service and bring freight to their destination in a matter of hours, while a truck may take several days.

Nothing can compare to the speed of air cargo services, and we offer customized options for your next big freight shipment. And air freight isn't the only thing that we're expediting at — we also streamline and enhance the customer experience by offering a single point of contact throughout the entire process. is unlike any other expedited carrier in this regard, as we put just as much emphasis on the delivery as we do on the experience our customers take away from it. We have professionals standing by ready to learn about your business and your air cargo needs so we can put your freight in the plane that best suits it to minimize waste and eliminate any unnecessary additional costs. Contact us today to learn more about our express freight services by air.


The name says it all — when you need same day delivery, you need a dedicated carrier that you can count on and trust to get freight to its destination by the deadline. Many overpromise and under-deliver, we'll just simply promise that you can rest assured your freight will be where it needs to be on the same day that you sent it out 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Whether by truck or by charter plane, can take your freight into the next state or across the country on the same day that you send it. We do it thanks to our partnerships with various same-day delivery services, which are designed to accommodate any parcel or pallet when it's needed the most. When time is of the essence and you need to act fast, you need the right partner on your side to help you move freight where it needs to go.

We're that partner, and we'll take all of the stress out of the process for you, from arranging the pickup to managing its arrival. Our exceptional level of customer service will help suggest the right shipping solution for you to not just help your freight arrive on time, but to save money and resources too. Contact us today to learn more about our same day freight expediting services.


Whether you have pressing freight needs and need a charter, fast freight needs that require cargo service, or timely but not quite as critical delivery — we've got you covered with a fleet of planes, vans and trucks. works nationwide to bring your freight to its destination in a timely, cost effective manner and provide a winning outcome for you. The options are as plentiful as the service is exceptional when you work with Expedited Freight on your next shipment, and our logistics infrastructure working behind the scenes just goes to make the customer experience better and the transportation time that much faster.

Contact us today to learn more about the options we have for transporting your urgent freight. Whether it's overnight freight or a same day carrier, we have the solution for your freight.


Shipping across the state? What about the country? Regardless of where your freight is going, has got you covered. We’re there wherever you are and whenever you need us to handle any of your urgent, unique freight shipments.

We know that not just anyone can take care of your oil, gas and other unique materials shipments — and that’s where our Hot Shot Carriers come in with our expertise and experience. Have a wide load you need handled? What about a mega sized one? We’ll take care of it for you with one of our Hot Shot Freight options.

Behind the scenes, we have a comprehensive logistics platform designed to make freight shipments a breeze:

  • On the surface, we have experienced drivers and helpful agents within our Hot Shot service network to learn your freight and then devise the best possible plan for getting it where you need it to go.
  • To boot, we offer a variety of transportation options to specifically cater to the freight you’re shipping. These include options such as air ride suspension, curtain slides, flagmen, permit loads, pilot cars, and rack and tarp.
  • We can transport freight in smaller cargo and sprinter vans, larger straight Hot Shot services trucks and even bigger straight trucks.

Critical freight requires advanced transportation solutions. Let Hot Shot Trucking be the solution for you. Contact Hot Shot Trucking today for more information on how we can transport your specialty freight to its destination in a safe, fast and effective manner.


Our name says it all: We’re all about providing on-time full truckload direct to destination (DTD) shipping for all industries and businesses of all sizes. Whether it’s via tractor trailers, straight trucks, flatbeds, refrigerated units, step decks or roller beds, our first-class customer service efforts specialize in pairing you and your needs with the best option for your freight needs.

Large load? Small load? Medium sized load? Need car services? No problem — we’ll pair it with the right solution through our extensive brokerage network.

Need it sent fast? We also offer expedited full truckload options for transportation too. With, no shipment is too near and too far, as we’ll work both regionally and locally. We’ll even deliver internationally throughout Canada and Mexico.

Just as importantly, we hang our hat on exemplary customer service. While we’ll deliver both near and far, and pair your freight with the truck that best suits it, we’re also available to service you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and how they fit with your business needs. Not every truck company is created equal, and is one of the exceptions when it comes to expedited carriers throughout North America. Any freight material, any type of business, any time — we're the right solution for you.

AF-SameDayAir-logo-FINAL-RGB-vertical is your trusted provider of same-day air and ground-based logistics solutions. Our extensive range of airborne transport options and seasoned expeditors ensures that wherever and whenever you need your shipment, we make it happen seamlessly. From oil and gas to pharmaceuticals, automotive production, and beyond, industries rely on us to keep their operations running smoothly, ensuring timely delivery of critical parts and products.

At, we pride ourselves on tailoring same-day air solutions to meet each client's unique needs. If you don't find the exact service you require, simply discuss it with your dedicated expeditor. With our wealth of experience, industry expertise, and extensive network, we can craft the perfect logistics plan for you.

Successful same-day air freight relies on three pillars: people, processes, and performance. We excel in each of these areas, ensuring that every shipment, whether it's a last-minute crisis or an emergency expedite request, is delivered punctually.

We Can Help

Expedited Freight Company can help, and we have the family of companies to meet any freight shipping deadline that you're faced with.

When you engage us for same-day air services, expedited ground transport, or hand-carry courier services, rest assured that our focus is entirely on your shipping success. Through our commitment to safety, speed, accessibility, and convenience, we handle your freight emergencies with efficiency and professionalism, whether in the clouds or on the ground. We are your reliable partner for urgent logistics needs.

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