Whether cross-country or across the state, Expedited Transportation provides air freight services to suit your shipping needs.

For transnational transportation requirements, comprehensive Air Freight services have no substitute.

Expedited Transportation provides Air Freight for loads of all sizes, with tracking systems and professional customer service to ensure the prompt delivery and flexibility that businesses need for efficiency and reliability.

For transnational shipping needs, Expedited Transportation offers Air Cargo solutions to ensure your shipment arrives at its destination on-time, no matter the distance or how large the freight is. 

Air Cargo

To ensure you are up-to-date with the progress and location of your shipment, Expedited Transportation provides tracking systems and unrivaled customer service. This tracking not only allows us to communicate updates to you, but provides our team of experts with the tools to keep your shipment on schedule.

Cargo Air Charter Flight

Expedited Air Cargo Shipment

Our flexible Air Cargo services allow us to provide cost-efficient shipments that meet your budget and time schedule. For time critical deliveries, customers may choose from transit times including Next Flight Out (NFO), Overnight or Economy.

At Expedited Transportation, we understand the need for prompt and reliable Air Cargo services. With our proven process and experience, we are able to provide deliveries that are on-time, every time.

Services Include:

  • Import & Export
  • Next Flight Out (NFO)
  • Air Charter
  • Air Consolidation
  • Next Day Early A.M., Next Day by 12:00pm, Next Day by 5:00pm

To supplement our Air Cargo services, Expedited Transportation also offers a wide range of transportation services for ground deliveries. From tractor-trailers to flatbed trucks and straight trucks, we can ensure your cargo gets to and from the airport, as well as anywhere else in the country.

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Air Freight Charter

Perhaps the fastest way to ship long distances is with Air Freight Charter services. The team of experts from Expedited Transportation will work with you to determine your individual needs – the size of your freight, the distance and location of your destination and any special requirements. We will use that information to match your shipment with the most efficient carrier.

Cargo Aircraft Charter

Finding suitable carriers and coordinating shipments for all of your freight can be a hassle. Partner with Expedited Transportation and our Air Freight Charter services and allow us to coordinate with carriers to ensure your deliveries are timely and dependable. Our customers also enjoy a superior level of customer service and tracking systems, allowing them to plan the arrival of shipments and schedule deliveries with the utmost efficiency.

Air Freight Charter Services Include:

  • Aircraft Charter & Jet Services
  • Critical Freight Shipments
  • Emergency Air Freight Charter Services
  • North American Aircraft Charter
  • Air Cargo Jets, Cargo Planes & Cargo Aircraft

Make Expedited Transportation your primary logistics provider by taking advantage of our wide range of transportation and shipment services. From Expedited Transportation to Just-in-Time (JIT) and Truckload services, we can make sure your shipment gets to its destination on-time, every time.

Air Freight Forwarding

Air Cargo Shipment

For maximum efficiency in supply chain management, Expedited Transportation offers Air Freight Forwarding services to help companies coordinate large shipments with carriers. Through traditional shipping, such coordination can cost companies and staff time, money and unnecessary headaches. With Expedited Transportation, we take care of the hard part for you and pairing your deliveries with carriers for superior cost-efficiency.

We work with a number of air cargo carriers for cross country shipments. To further enhance efficiency and supply chain management, we also offer high level customer service and tracking systems, allowing you to know the exact status of your shipment and estimate the arrival time, eliminating surprises and unexpected delays.

Air Freight Forwarding Services Include:

  • Aircraft Charter & Jet Services
  • Air Cargo Services
  • Domestic Air Freight Services
  • Superior Customer Support & Tracking

Expedited Transportation is well-versed in Air Freight Forwarding, helping companies of all industries coordinate shipments large or small across states, countries and oceans. For an added level of service, Expedited Transportation can handle ground transportation once the shipment arrives at its destination with one of our many trucking services.

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Freight Forwarder

Expedited Carrier Service

When you have large shipments and orders to fulfill, finding and coordinating with carriers can be a large and stressful undertaking. In these situations, you are best suited to contact an experienced, professional and proven freight forwarder like Expedited Transportation.

Expedited Transportation is an expert in supply chain management and with our comprehensive offering of shipping and logistics services, we are well-equipped to get shipments large or small to their destination on-time, every time. Whether you are shipping time critical air freight or a short distance delivery by cargo van, our versatile solutions can accommodate your needs.

As a full service freight forwarder, we work with a number of carriers to ensure the utmost efficiency and reliability. Couple that with our experienced customer service and tracking systems, and you get a level of logistics intelligence to take your operations to a new level.

Freight Forwarder Services Include:

  • Domestic Shipping
  • Air Cargo & Air Charter Services
  • Expedited Trucking & Full Truckload Services
  • Superior Customer Support & Tracking

For a shipping partner and freight forwarder, you can count on, trust Expedited Transportation. Our wide range of capabilities and experience work together to coordinate your shipments with the upmost speed and efficiency. Boost your supply chain management and your bottom line and get a quote today.