Increase efficiency and ensure on-time delivery with Just-in-Time logistics services from Expedited Transportation.

An essential component of lowering costs is inventory control.

By utilizing Just-in-Time (JIT) logistics services from Expedited Transportation, you can ensure your shipment arrives at its destination right before it’s needed, lowering inventory and storage costs. This model of delivery is crucial for large freight that is expensive to store as well as freight with a short shelf life. For an extra layer of planning and efficiency, Expedited Transportation also provides a tracking system to ensure you are always up-to-date on the location and ETA of your shipment.

Just-In-Time Delivery

Just-in-Time (JIT) logistics operate under the concept of receiving raw materials, products and parts as they are needed, rather than days or even weeks before. This allows businesses to significantly cut inventory costs by having fewer unnecessary supplies on hand and far less material to store.

As effective as Just-in-Time Delivery is, it can be difficult to coordinate large amounts of shipments efficiently, especially when dealing with shipments that vary in size and destination. With Just-in-Time Delivery services from Expedited Transportation, our team of experts and superior customer service can coordinate your shipments for you; freeing you up to focus on what’s important – your business’ bottom line.

Just-in-Time Delivery

Expedited Transportation provides several options for getting your shipments to their destination right before they are needed. From cargo and sprinter vans and straight trucks to full truckloads and air freight, no shipment is too large nor destination too far forExpedited Transportation to deliver promptly and on-time.

JIT Services Include:

  • Expert Customer Service
  • Direct Trucking
  • Time Definite Delivery
  • Expedited Trucking Services
  • Just-in-Time Freight Services
  • Door to Door Services

With Just-in-Time Delivery from Expedited Transportation, you can take the hassle and headaches out of coordinating multiple shipments. With capabilities and services that stretch across every facet of domestic logistics, trust Expedited Transportation as your partner in cost-efficient, prompt and dependable shipping.

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Just-In-Time Inventory Control

Just-in-Time Inventory Control is a method in which materials arrive only as needed to meet actual customer demand and output. Receiving raw goods, products and parts right before they are needed reduces unnecessary inventory, which has benefits that include:

  • Lower costs from excess inventory being shipped
  • Lower costs of storage
  • Less unnecessary inventory
  • More space for more productive uses
  • Less waste

Naturally, in order for Just-in-Time (JIT) inventory to work, there must be a great deal of efficiency in logistics; coordinating shipments of different sizes to different locations. That’s where Expedited Transportation comes in. Our experience and proven processes allow us to deliver shipments all over the nation and across the world with reliability and efficiency.

Comprehensive Logistics Services

Comprehensive Logistics Services

Expedited Transportation provides a wide range of services to accommodate the needs of effective Just-in-Time Inventory Control. For short haul deliveries, we utilize sprinter and cargo vans as well as large and small straight trucks. For long haul shipments including cross-country deliveries, we utilize everything from flatbed trucks to tractor trailers and cargo planes.

When effective logistics are coupled with Just-in-Time Inventory Control, businesses reduce costs and realize true efficiency. Take advantage of tracking systems and unrivaled customer service by getting a quote from Expedited Transportation today.

Just-In-Time Manufacturing

One of the biggest innovations in supply chain management has been the concept of Just-in-Time Manufacturing. By utilizing JIT Manufacturing, companies can significantly reduce costs by reducing the amount of time raw materials lay idle, awaiting use and taking up space. Under this model, materials arrive on-site right before they are needed, cutting storage costs and clutter.

In order for Just-in-Time Manufacturing to work properly, companies need logistics services that they can count on. Shipments arriving too early defeat the purpose of JIT and arriving too late holds up production. For that reason, Expedited Transportation offers a wide range of shipping solutions to accommodate Just-in-Time Manufacturing models.

Just-in-Time Manufacturing

Expedited Transportation provides services such as Expedited Trucking, Air Freight, Same Day Trucking and much more to ensure the deliveries of all sizes and schedule requirements are accommodated. To take efficiency to an even higher level, companies can take advantage of Air Freight Charter or Expedited LTL services, while maximize space and coordinate carriers to reduce total shipping costs.

Just-in-Time Services Include:

  • Time Definite Delivery
  • Just-in-Time Freight Services
  • Superior Customer Service
  • Expedited Trucking Services
  • Air Freight Services

Of course Just-in-Time Manufacturing would be difficult to manage without proper planning. This includes planning for and coordinating with delivery times. Through Expedited Transportation's tracking system, companies are never in the dark regarding the ETA of their delivery. Partner with Expedited Transportation, and take your supply chain management to the next level.

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Just-In-Time Trucking

Just in Time Trucking

Do your operations run on a just-in-time production schedule? If so, then you understand the necessity of reliable shipping and the frustrations inefficient logistics. In these situations, a reliable and full service partner is absolutely essential. With proven Just-in-Time Trucking solutions and a wide range of related services, Expedited Transportation is that partner you’ve been looking for.

Our Just-in-Time Trucking services coordinate with you and your schedule, as well as with numerous carriers across North America to get your shipments to their destinations right before they are needed, allowing you to maximize space and efficiency while lowering costs through reduced inventory on-hand.

In addition to a provider of shipping solutions, we at Expedited Transportation also like to consider ourselves your logistics partner. Our experienced customer service is on-hand to answer any questions regarding your shipments, while our tracking systems ensure you always know when and where to expect a delivery and plan accordingly.

Just-in-Time Trucking Services Include:

  • Expedited Trucking Services
  • Time Critical Delivery
  • Local Deliveries
  • Regional & National Shipping
  • Direct Trucking

One of the most important advantages we provide is our flexibility. From single pallet, local deliveries to large, time critical shipments by cargo plane, we have the resources to accommodate. Take the stress out of JIT production, and partner with Expedited Transportation for comprehensive Just-in-Time Trucking services.